Willie Robertson knows how to have a happy life — make sure to have a happy wife.

Willie and Korie Robertson know the key to a happy marriage — respect each other and do what the other asks! Even as the CEO of Duck Commander, Willie has a CEO presiding over him at home. Korie, his wonderful wife, hopes Willie does the things she asks him to do.

In a recent video, we this relationship play out.

Willie is sitting on his property enjoying a nice afternoon fishing. It’s a perfectly relaxing day for him. But suddenly, he gets a text from his wife.

“On my way home!” the text reads. “Hope the lawn is mowed.”

Willie drops the fishing pole right away.

“Oh, shoot!” he says, turning to sprint back to the house.

Duck Dynasty net worthKorie asks Willie to do a simple chore and Willie saves it for the last minute possible (photo via Odyssey)

He frantically runs to his shed to get “the world’s fastest lawn mower,” a Dixie Chopper. In a matter of no time, he finishes the lawn and has enough time for a little fishing.

“Now that’s one fast mower,” he says in relief.

Obviously, this is a commercial, but it’s accurate to the Robertson’s life.

They’ve been together for a long time — 25 years to be exact. They know what it’s like to be not-so-rich and super rich, they’ve been through many trials. 

“We are more successful than we ever dreamed,” Korie said. “But if it all disappeared tomorrow we would be okay because we would still have our faith in God. It’s what allows us to forgive each other, love each other and listen to each other.”

She also says that “Life with this guy is never boring.”

Willie and Korie then and now (photo via Tumblr)

Check out the full video below…

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