Willie Nelson has died, according to a radio station based in Chicago, Illinois.

Willie Nelson is one of the many artists who covered the song “You’ll Never Know” (photo via NewsBake) WLS-AM 890 tweeted on August 3 that the great country singer was now the late country singer. 

“Multiple people in the Country music industry have told [WLS-AM 890 hosts Big John Howell and Ramblin’ Ray] that Willie Nelson has passed,” they said. “Still confirming atm.”

This has happened to Nelson before — where someone reports he’s died when, according to him, he’s not dead. This has happened so many times, he actually wrote a song about it called “Still Not Dead,” which goes:

I woke up still not dead again today

The Internet had said I passed away

But if I die and I wasn’t dead to stay

And I woke up still not dead again today

He made the song public, along with a funny music video (watch it below), in April 2017. And yet, the death hoaxes still happen.

Fortunately, this time it was yet again false.

Willie NelsonWillie Nelson as seen in a video clip with Jimmy Fallon (photo from Consequence of Sound)

A news outlet from Austin, Texas, KXAN News, debunked the rumor that Nelson had died. They simply called Nelson’s camp and asked if he was still around.

“Amid rumors,” tweeted KXAN News, “Willie Nelson’s management tells KXAN that the Red Headed Stranger is NOT dead.”

Stephanie Ruhle, an MSNBC news anchor, also confirmed the country star was still alive.

“I just spoke with Willie Nelson’s lawyer,” she tweeted. “And I am thrilled to report, Willie is alive, well and as always… AWESOME.”

As if we’d need more proof, SiriusXM Willie’s Roadhouse confirmed on Facebook that, no, he was definitely not dead.

“We’re happy to report that despite rumors to the contrary Willie Nelson woke up ‘Still Not Dead’ again today!” they said on Facebook.

Sorry, internet, wrong again. 

The thing is, when Nelson actually dies, nobody will believe it…

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