Willie And Korie Celebrate A Major Milestone This Year!


Willie and Korie Robertson will be celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary this year. We’d say that more than qualifies them to speak at a marriage retreat. That’s exactly what the couple did, traveling to Maui last week for the Love That Lasts Book Retreat.

Willie and Korie Robertson Speak At Marriage Retreat

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Willie and Korie Robertson were invited to speak at the Love that Lasts Marriage retreat last week in Maui. The couple spent the weekend on the tropical island, enjoying each other, and speaking about their 25 years as a married couple.

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Love That Lasts is a book written by Alyssa and Jefferson Bethke. The book speaks about marriage and features helpful tips about how to make a lasting relationship God-centered. The couple also sells a twelve step process to creating a healthy and long marriage. 

The retreat’s website advertised, “This two-day event will feature speaking, break-out sessions for men and women, and three couplesʼ sessions with Jeff and Alyssa Bethke, Craig and Jeannette Gross and Willie and Korie Robertson. Stay beyond our retreat and explore the island together!”

The book is not without its skeptics. The authors have only four years of marriage under their belts. However, the pair are very open and honest when they say, “…we haven’t discovered the answers on our own, but through the wisdom and encouragement we’ve received from our mentors and older, married couples that we are privileged enough to know.”

Willie And Korie’s Experience

While Alyssa and Jefferson might not yet be veteran husband and wives, Willie and Korie Robertson certainly are. After 25 years the Duck Dynasty stars have built a multi-million dollar brand together. They’ve also raised six happy and healthy kids and managed to keep their spark. We’d say they are MORE than qualified to lead a marriage retreat. 

The pair has known each other for longer than most. Korie met Willie at Camp Chyoca in third grade. She recalled, “He asked me on the moonlight hike, and the rest is history.”

Can you believe Willie and Korie Robertson have known each other for so long? Would you trust them with marriage advice?