On the third episode of season 7 entitled ‘The Cell,” the audience was introduced to another new society this season. In a brief clip after the second episode, we saw Daryl and Dwight at what is known as the Sanctuary.

After seeing two of their oldest companions brutally murdered the group came upon a new Kingdom, led by a former stage performer. Who knows what will be next for Rick and the gang? 

We didn’t see Daryl at all in the second episode, which was focused on Carol and Morgan, but the newest episodes focused on Daryl’s experience in ‘The Cell’ and inside the Savior’s Sanctuary.

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMCThe Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMCWhat Will Be Daryl’s Fate?

Daryl was hardly seen in the preview clip, which highlighted Dwight, a character we’ve all come to hate because of his evil, sycophantic ways. In fact, Dwight had almost been hated more than Negan, since he harassed Daryl so many times.

“You don’t scare easy,” Negan tells Daryl, as he walked past his bowed soldiers into the Sanctuary, a land protected by walkers on chains and spikes at their gates.

Other prisoners were wearing rags with letters on them, somewhat similar to the holocaust tattoos. Daryl’s gear has an ‘A’ engraved on it, but little else was mentioned in that episode.

The synopsis read, “A new group of survivors seem to have it all in their impressive community; however, there is a price.” It would appear that these survivors are Negan’s men, who he refers to as the Saviors.


The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMCThe Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMCNegan’s Oppressed Saviors

In tyrannical fashion, Negan forces his men to serve under him, which they must do to survive. Again, this is similar to forces in Russia or Germany back in World War II.

‘The Cell’ told us a little more about Negan and what happened after he killed Glenn and Abraham. While ‘The Well’ only showed Morgan and Carol. After an episode four focused on Rick, we wonder what will happen next between the opposing powers. 

‘The Cell’ highlighted Negan as we saw this society through the eyes of an imprisoned Daryl. This was the first glance viewers had at Negan’s community and perhaps a little more about his background and daily life.

We may also learned a little more about Dwight, which included a glimpse into how he got those scars. Viewers reactioned to Dwight’s background are mixed. Is it possible that he or Negan could potentially kill Daryl at some point?

Dwight is also known as “D” by those he considers friends. As a relatively high-ranking member within The Saviors, Dwight’s background is a small-town life in Virginia, where a family member taught him how to carve wood as a hobby.

These facts are according to the comics and the Wiki fan page, but as we know about this new season, we have veered mightily from the comic book edition. Stay tuned to find out what will happen next to Negan, Daryl, and Dwight. The story continues to unfold.

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