Tara And Denise On The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

There are several gay characters on The Walking Dead, such as Jesus, Aaron, and Eric, but Tara has been somewhat overlooked on the show. Ever since Denise’s death, Tara has chosen to stay in the shadows.

However, when Dwight arrived, and Rosita put him in Morgan’s jail cell, her attitude quickly changed. Rather than fist bumping or Twizzler munching, Tara wanted to see Daryl gut Dwight like a pig.

After all, Dwight is the one who took her partner’s life with a crossbow.

Tara Is Accepted By Glenn And Maggie

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Tara originally appeared as one of The Governor’s crews (Season 4’s “Live Bait”), but Glen chose to trust her. Before she became one of the good guys, she dated Alisha. Alisha was killed by Lizzie during the Governor’s attack on the prison.

After Tara was accepted by Rick’s group, she got the chance to grow as a character. Soon, she fell in love with Denise. From this point, she got to grow in a way where she’s now one of the main characters.

However, we may see a new side to Tara as we enter the next season.

Will Tara Avenge Her Lover’s Death?

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

With Rick’s “All Out War” all of the characters are going getting serious and more violent. For Tara, she might even kill Dwight if given the opportunity.

 If he gets paired up with Tara or Daryl at any point and doesn’t deliver, he might be eating a bullet.

If Tara does kill Dwight, it will be to avenge Denise. Losing a loved one in this environment is all the more harsh, seeing as there aren’t exactly a lot of other options for future love.

Tara and Denise had a sweet relationship, but it didn’t get a chance to be fleshed out due to her death. After the war is over, if Tara survives, she may get a chance to meet someone at Oceanside or perhaps a new community.

Do you think Tara will kill Dwight this season?

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