Will Sadie Robertson Have Her Own Reality Show? The Star Hints At Plans


In a recent Justin Magazine interview, Sadie Robertson hinted there might be a reality TV show in her future all about just her life. She also gave some insight into the lives of her famous family.

Willie Is A Jack Of All Trades

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“I guess my dad does it all,” Sadie said, after realizing she had described her Dad as a sort of jack of all trades. The interviewer had been asking Sadie who in her family was most likely to do certain things. Many of Sadie’s answers involved Willie. Sadie said her father was most likely to be president and most likely to crack a joke in a serious moment.

She also admitted that Willie does all the cooking in the family. Korie, Sadie’ s mother, isn’t quite handy in the kitchen. Willie Robertson comes from a family of cooks and takes after his mother, Miss Kay. Miss Kay has an assortment of cookbooks published and is often shown cooking on the Duck Dynasty reality series.

Sadie Robertson – Sibling Rivalries

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Sadie Robertson described her brother John Luke as the bravest in the Duck Dynasty bunch. She divulged that he had recently been skydiving, and the young teen wanted to follow in his footsteps. Sadie also said her brother was most likely to race cars. The Duck Commander teen described John Luke by saying, “He just does not care, he isn’t scared of anything.” 

Sadie Robertson – Oreo Wars

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When asked who was most likely to eat the most, Sadie said it would have to be a toss up. Apparently, the Robertsons no longer buy Oreos to keep in the house. The two brothers, John Luke Robertson and Willie Robertson Jr., would fight neck and neck for the last Oreo. Korie apparently nipped that struggle in the butt by stopping Oreo buying altogether. The Robertsons are big eaters, and they love a home-cooked meal. They end ever episode of their Duck Dynasty series with a family meal.

Sadie Robertson – Who’s Most Likely To Cry?

Sadie told Justine Magazine that her mother was the most likely to cry out of the group. Korie is a passionate woman and a proud mother with a heart full of gratitude. “My mom cannot talk in front of people without crying,” Sadie said. “She could be talking about Mac and Cheese…It’s such a mom thing.”

Sadie Robertson – Who Will Have The Next TV Show?

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photo by enews.com

When asked who the best actress in the family was, Sadie said Bella Robertson was actually at acting camp at the time of filming. However, Sadie shared that she is most likely to have her own reality show. “Well we’ve actually talked about it,” Sadie said with a smile.

The Duck Dynasty star shared no more information but seemed excited by the idea. Sadie has grown her fan base by participating in season 19 of Dancing With The Stars. There’s no doubt a show surrounding her personal life would be very successful. Even with the cancellation of Duck Dynasty, Sadie is ready to move forward and take on the world.