A few days ago, The Walking Dead released a clip that showed Daryl in Alexandria. The Episode premiered on November 13, where we saw Rick opening the gate to allow Negan to enter.

The clip began with Rick walking up the gate at Alexandria. Negan is armed with Lucille over his shoulder when he exclaims, “Well, Hello there!” to a grief-ridden Rick within Alexandria’s walls.

“Do not make me have to ask,” reminds Negan with a calm threat.

“You said a week,” Rick says. “You’re early.” He opens the gate for Negan’s men.

“I missed ya,” says Negan through a terrifying smile.

A walker comes up through the barricade of trucks. Noticing, Negan turns to Rick and says, “Oh, Rick. Come on out here. Watch this.” Negan approaches the walker with Lucille over his shoulder.

Negan swung Lucille and burst open the walker’s head like a cantaloupe. He exclaimed, “Easy, peasy, lemon-squeezy,” with another smile, presumably also trying to remind Alexandria’s residents of the deaths of Glenn and Abraham. Negan truly loves his torture-some nature in this new world.

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMCThe Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Daryl Among Negan’s Men

The camera panned from left-to-right, showing Negan’s men, around twenty or thirty, waiting eagerly to eat. The pan ended on Dwight, who stood next to Daryl. Dirty and weak looking, Daryl still wore the “A” sweatshirt given to the inmates of Negan’s Sanctuary.

Since we’re no longer following the plot of the comic series, it’s difficult to say why Negan brought Daryl to Alexandria other than threats or to show that he is still alive. Perhaps he just wanted Daryl to see all the resources he could have instead of those dog food sandwiches.

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMCThe Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Negan’s Services This Season

Daryl, no doubt still humming along to “Easy Street”, looked like he was in pain. He was tortured, left in the dark, subjected to music torture, and beaten repeatedly, all while actually being internally tortured and blaming himself for the death of Glenn.

Episode 4, was known as “Service.” Hopefully we’ll continue to see a little more about how the other Alexandria residents are doing. Given the fact that they are having to give up half of their food to a dictator, the odds are not well for the semi-peaceful people.

There were some injury reports on the set where “Service,” was filmed, increasing Rick and Negan’s interactions. With Negan’s short fuse and unprecedented de-moral compass, it’s safe to say anything goes this season on The Walking Dead.

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