The Leader Of The Saviors

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Negan certainly arrived with a bang on The Walking Dead. At first, it was unclear who Negan was, or which Savior he might have been. Rick and Michonne even assumed they killed him during the first attack.

In reality, Negan turned out to be anyone and everyone that could be considered Rick’s enemy. The single person, though, and the leader of the Saviors, is Negan, played by actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

So far, we haven’t learned much about Negan, but that’s about to change.

Scott Gimple Tells Negan’s Backstory

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Comic Book writes:

“The popular AMC series has plans to tell the villain’s backstory which was recently told in its entirety on the comic book pages of Here’s Negan, a 16-part backstory special from writer/creator Robert Kirkman and artist Charlie Adlard published in the Image+ preview magazine.”

“When asked by YahooTV if Negan’s story would be adapted to the TV series, showrunner Scott Gimple says there is a “loose plan” for it already. “I do believe yes, it’s in the future,” Gimple said. “You know, I’m always careful about this, [because] things can absolutely change. There’s a loose plan in place I have.”

Here’s Negan Gears Up For AMC

Here’s Negan | Photo Credit Image Comics

The Here’s Negan story is unlike anything fans expected. For a while, there was a rumor that Negan was a used car salesman, which would have explained his gift for gab and some of the cliché jokes he spits out.

In reality, however, it turns out that Negan was a high school gym teacher, but there’s much more to his story. Lucille, which was Negan’s wife’s name, actually had a touching story before the outbreak.

Lucille, the real Lucille, was on her deathbed and Negan stayed by her side until the very end. Meanwhile, outside the hospital, the world around him literally began to fall apart.

Surprisingly, Dwight first met Negan and brought him to meet the group.

Do you think AMC will alter Negan’s backstory for the show?

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