This Big Bang Theory Fact Will Make Your Jaw Drop


Wil Wheaton could have never have imagined playing himself on a television series. However, that’s exactly what Bill Prady, and the Big Bang Theory writers and producers wanted from him. Now he’s aitted that at first he thought the casting call was all a big prank.

Wil Wheaton On Big Bang Theory

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Wil Wheaton has appeared multiple times on Big Bang Theory. Like many other Marvel, Science, and Trekky icons, he plays himself on the series. In the fictional world Wil Wheaton is Sheldon Cooper’s arch nemesis. In real life, however, he was a huge fan of the show.

Wil first appeared in The Creep Candy Coating CorollaryWe are told that Sheldon can’t stand his guts, having waited to meet him as a young child, only to find out he was a no show. Wil then meets Sheldon in adulthood at a Mystic Warlords of Ka’a tournament. A rivalry is born. Wil’s also played Sheldon and the guys in bowling, and he even keeps the gang from seeing a movie because of his celebrity status. Overall his appearances on the show have been hilarious, mostly because they upset Sheldon so much.

He Couldn’t Believe It

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It’s hard to believe that Wil had no idea that he’d ever appear on the show. He told fans, ““I got an email from Bill Prady’s assistant (the show’s executive producer,) [that said] he’d like to see you and talk to you about a role. And I thought it was a prank! I thought, nobody would want me on one of the highest-rated shows.” He also admitted he had to keep himself from talking too much in the pair’s original phone call. 

As for playing himself? Many actors and celebrities will tell you it’s pretty tough. You have to portray a characterized version of you, not necessarily act naturally. Wil says Big Bang Theory Wil is a little more assertive. He explained, “He’s way more confident than I am … it took me playing that role multiple times to really let go of myself.”

Can you believe that? Wil aspires to be like on-screen Wil in real life. We’re so glad when we see Wil Wheaton on Big Bang Theory. We wonder when the next time will be…perhaps at Sheldon and Amy’s wedding?