Why Were The Robertson Men Crying, Huddled On The Floor?

By C. Murph | Monday Monday Staff -    2017-07-20

Jep and the Robertson boys were huddled together on their living room floor crying. 

The Duck Dynasty cast (photo via The Truth About Guns)

Why were they crying? For that, we have to go back.

Growing up, Jep’s dad, Phil, was a fisherman who was trying to launch a duck call business. In other words, the Robertsons were poor.

Times were tough, and when Jep started hanging out with the wrong type of people, he started down a crooked path.

“Maybe I should just experience some of what the world has to offer,” Jep remembers thinking.

That’s when he hit the drugs and alcohol hard. He said he tried whatever substance someone offered him. He did so many types of drugs, he doesn’t even remember all the types.

And then one morning, he woke up without any memory of the night before. 

The Robertsons (photo via YouTube)

“I knew at that point I was really off the tracks,” he said.

But he couldn’t break the addiction.

And then one day, he noticed a note on his windshield.

“We need to talk,” the note read. “I know what you been up to.”

It was from Willie, his older brother.

So Jep returned to his parents’ house, pulled into the driveway, and saw that his brothers’ trucks were parked there.

When he stepped in the house, his brothers — Alan, Jase, and Willie — along with his dad were sitting in the living room.

“Son, are you ready to change?” said his dad, Phil.

The family said he could either re-join the family, follow God, and quit the drugs and alcohol, or he could leave and not come back until he was ready to change.

“I fell down down on my knees and started crying, and said, ‘What took ya’ll so long?’” Jep said.

”I want you to know that God loves us, and we love you,” Phil told his son. “But you just can’t live like that.”

That’s when the family huddled together on that living room floor, forever changing Jep’s life.

Watch the full interview where Jep tells this story below…

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