Why The Young Sheldon Spin-off Series Might Be Too Hard To Watch

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Earlier this week the Young Sheldon trailer was released, and we got a first look at what The Big Bang Theory spin-off will be like. While we love the idea of a prequel series, we are a bit concerned that it may be too hard to watch.

At first, we were so excited to watch the new Young Sheldon trailer. Iain Armitage is cast perfectly, being a child prodigy himself. His articulate speaking, adorable blue eyes, and charming demeanor made us instant fans. 

Plus, Zoe Perry is brilliant, acting as a strong yet warm Mary Cooper. She follows her mother, Laurie Metcalf’s, footsteps, portraying exactly what we pictured watching Big Bang Theory all these years.

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However, we’re worried this show might inevitably be too hard to watch. 

Here’s why. Of course on The Big Bang Theory, many of the jokes are at the expense of Sheldon. He is a quirky grown man with incredibly unique interests. He’s also a bit rude, mean even, and socially awkward. Tons of comedy has come out of Sheldon’s friends poking fun at him.

A grown man, with a job, and a few friends can handle that sort of criticism and joking, but watching a little boy go through it is a totally different story. Although Iain’s character seems to be just as headstrong as older Sheldon Cooper, it truly is difficult to watch as his siblings make fun of his intelligence.

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We even see a high school teacher wanting nothing to do with young Sheldon after he insults her during her class. 

Zoe Perry May Save The Day

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There is one redeeming factor that may save this doomed dramedy. Zoe Perry’s portrayal of a strong and protective mother may be what makes this show a hit. 

While it’s hard to watch Sheldon being bullied, it’s clear he is loved and supported by his mother. Sometimes all you need in this world is one great person in your corner. She is even seen trying to give him a few pointers about how to act cool in high school.

Hopefully, the bullying will be lighthearted, and the Young Sheldon spin-off series will do well. Will you be watching?

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