Raj Should Be Halley Wolowitz’s Nanny

Image result for tbbt raj and babyphoto by glamour.com Raj just recently cut himself off from his parents in an attempt to be more independent. The problem now is that he is in dire need of cash. We think the perfect solution is for him to become Halley Wolowitz’s live-in nanny.

Raj is in need of a well-paying job, and a place to stay. At the same time, we know that Bernadette and Howard are having an incredibly difficult time leaving Halley at daycare. The perfect solution is to have Raj become a live-in nanny for Halley.

Raj would make a great nanny, of Man-ny if you will. He is a great listener. We recently watched as he listened to all of Penny’s office problems. He remembered names and dates of her coworkers. Listening skills come in handy when dealing with babies. Being able to decipher cries is a helpful way to understand if the baby is hungry, tired, or needs a diaper change.

Image result for tbbt raj and babyphoto by cbs.comImage result for tbbt penny and rajphoto by tvfanatic.com

Howard trusts Raj. No, Raj may not be the most competent or responsible person in the world. However, when it comes to Howard, Raj is always there to help. He loves both Howard and Bernadette with his whole heart, and in return is just as invested in Halley’s life and well being as they are.

He’s a great sport when it comes to activities. We also saw him practicing yoga with Penny, shopping with her, and trying a new facemask. That could all just be prep work for the tea parties, dress up, and piggy back rides Halley will inevitably demand.

Friends Helping Friends

Image result for raj and halley tbbtphoto by vulture.com

Raj is a lovable guy with a big heart. He is a devoted friend and scientist. He understands medicine, and would know how to keep Halley safe, and educated. He could even teach her some scientific concepts.

We vote that Raj becomes Halley Wolowitz’s nanny, what do you think?

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