Mayim Bialik recently teamed up with Soda Stream to create an ad campaign that not only sells the beverage appliance, but also raises awareness about environmental issues.

Mayim even admitted she follows some pretty shocking rules to keep her carbon footprint small.

Mayim Bialik’s Soda Stream Ad

Mayim Bialik’s soda stream ad pokes fun at our society’s use of plastic bottles. The short video shows Mayim in the future, studying the “homoschlepians” meant to represent our current state of plastic consumption. Mayim tells children at a museum that plastic bottles just don’t make sense, but that with time humans were able to evolve and realize Soda Stream was a much better alternative.

Owning a Soda Stream isn’t the only thing Mayim does to reduce her environmental impact on this world. Mayim admitted, “I don’t consume animal products, I don’t have a lawn, I take very short showers, I read up on ways to consume less – I buy fewer things, own fewer things, and donate things I don’t need and downsize even in small way…”

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That’s right…She is a vegan, who lives in an urban area, and she does her research. Mayim really takes things seriously, and you can bet she sticks to these strict rules.

She’s Got The Data To Back It UP

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Mayim isn’t just an actress with a mission. She also has science on her side. The early childhood star took 12 years off from acting to study nuerobiology. She eventually went on to receive a PhD in the field, just like her Big Bang Theory character Amy Farrah Fowler. Mayim understands the research, and approaches her life with a scientific perspective. When she makes a choice you can bet she’s researched it ten times over.

Mayim said, “I’m not trying to be a goody-goody (although I have been accused of that for sure!), but being kind to the planet is critical for our health, the health of the planet, and the health of generations to come.”

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