Why Mayim Bialik Called Out Amber Rose… And Argued With Her Colleagues Over Feminism


Mayim Bialik recently posted an incredibly interesting Youtube video, responding to Amber Rose posting a photo of herself naked on the internet. Mayim has never shied away from speaking out about her controversial opinions, and this one was no exception.

Is Amber Rose A Feminist?

Amber Rose posted a nude photo earlier this summer that shocked Mayim Bialik and sparked a difficult conversation between herself and her colleague.

Mayim explained in a Youtube video that she and her GrokNation colleagues use Slack to communicate. Slack is a messaging service company used to stay in touch. Mayim said an article was passed back and forth about Amber Rose’s nude photos. Mayim’s opinion about the picture differed fromĀ Avital Norman Nathman, so they decided to make a video debating the topic.

Mayim has already posted another video talking about how she finds nude posing in the name of empowerment to be fraudulent and harmful to young girls. Mayim said in this video, “I typically don’t like to call out celebrities and bash them or be kind of critical as a way of…clickbait…but this issue is so kind of instantly polarizing between you and me in a very healthy way…”

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The format of the video featured two strong and intelligent women discussing an issue with differing opinions about a subject. The discussion never grew hostile, and both women were respectful and attentive. Mayim believes that it’s important to show the public that you can disagree with someone and have a calm, civil discussion.

Mayim’s Modesty

Mayim’s modesty has always been a large part of her identity. On the red carpet, she usually wears dresses that cover her body. She rarely wears pants in public and doesn’t reveal herself. ThisĀ is in part because of her Jewish religion, and also just personal preference.

You can listen to Mayim and Avital’s sides of the argument here:

We’re interested to see what your reactions as fans are to Mayim Bialik’s opinion about feminism and Amber Rose’s post in general.

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