Jim Parsons is feeling particularly protective of his young costar Iain Armitage.

Iain will be playing the iconic role of Sheldon Cooper in the Young Sheldon series, and Jim warned his mother- she better get ready.

Jim Parsons’ Fame

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Jim Parsons’ has skyrocketed to fame since becoming Sheldon Cooper on The Big Bang Theory. The star is now the highest paid actor on television, but he had very humble beginnings. He was born in Houston Texas and grew up doing children’s theater. Of one of his high school roles he has said, “I fully connected with the role I was playing and started to truly understand what it meant to be honest on stage.”

However, success didn’t come quickly. Parsons began his career Off-Broadway and worked his way up through commercials. He has said he squandered for change but is glad success came later in life.

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Perhaps that’s why he warned Iain Armitage’s mother of what’s to come. Iain will be playing Jim Parson’s role in the series Young Sheldon. Already Iain’s face is all over the internet. It’s on billboards, it’s on twitter. It’s everywhere. Plus, Iain couldn’t be any cuter. He’s bound to become an overnight star when the show premieres.

Jim seems to think the series will be very popular. He said earlier this summer, “When I saw the marketing and all the posters with Iain’s face on them, I texted [Iain’s mom] immediately, ‘prepare,’…I think they are prepared.”

Iain’s Maturity

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Why does Jim think the show will be so successful? It is in part due to Iain Armitage’s insane talent. The nine-year-old is wise beyond his years, and Jim seems to think the world of him. “We have a lot more in common now than I would have had at the same age. I wasn’t mature enough at nine. I was not an overly bright child.

I was mediocre. I didn’t befuddle my parents. That came much later, with my sexuality. Iain is much more in control as a human being than I was,” he explained.

Will you be watching Iain Armitage in the premiere of Young Sheldon?

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