Why Jessica Robertson Rules Her Household


In some houses, the man is in charge. In others, the woman. 

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In Jep and Jessica’s household, the ruler of the house is clearly Jessica.

One example is when the couple argued over who was going to take their children for the day.

“Babe, don’t forget,” Jessica said. “I need you to take all the kids with you today.”

Jep and his friend were in the living room stretching, getting ready to leave for their workout.

“It’s workout day, Jes,” Jep replied. “I don’t want to be put on babysitting duties, alright?”

“Baby, it’s not babysitting when it’s your own kids, you ding dong,” Jessica said. “It’s not going to hurt you to bring them with you. I don’t understand.”

Jep tries to explain.

“Yeah, that hurts a lot,” he said. “Because we can’t concentrate on the workout.”

Apparently, Jep was going to work out at something called a ninja barn.

“Babe, I cannot watch the baby and the kids and still workout,” Jep added.

Jessica turns to the kids.

Jessica Robertson (source: Duck Commander)

“Kids, do Y’all wanna come with me and sit at the printer, or do you want to go to the ninja barn and work out with dad?” she asked.

“I want to play on my Xbox,” their son River states.

“That’s not an option,” Jessica quickly replied.

“I want to go work out with dad,” their daughter Priscilla said.

“Since when do we let the kids decide who gets to go where?” Jep objected.

“Since they agree with their momma,” Jessica said with a wink.

Jessica said she’s “basically the CEO of a small company.”

“You’re the CEO?” Jep asked.

“Babe, moms are always the CEO when it comes to the kids management,” she replied.

Jep then claims his own company titles.

“I’m the President of Cool, GM of Fun,” he said. “I’m occasionally a janitor and a groundskeeper.”

“Well I’m about to dock your pay, buddy,” Jessica threatened.

“What pay? I don’t get paid,” Jep said.

(Then the couple exchanged a few glances. Their silent conversation is translated below).

Yeah, you do, Jessica glared.

What? Jep said with a confused face.

Mommy daddy time, Jessica glared again.

Jep finally got the message. Jessica is clearly in charge of their house.

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