Why Is Duck Dynasty Ending? Here’s The One Saddening Reason You Didn’t Know About…


The Finale Episode of Duck Dynasty

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As the finale episode of Duck Dynasty draws near, many fans are left wondering what happened. Did something go wrong? Or is this just the natural course? So we investigated.

First Premiere

Duck Dynasty premiered March 21st in 2012. It was first developed by the Walt Disney Company and Hearst Productions and aired on the A&E Network. The network originally ordered a show about hunting and outdoors men. They didn’t realize that the show they were getting would be comical and family friendly. The show introduced Willie Robertson as the front man of his father’s Duck Commander business and played with the idea of redneck millionaires.

Breaking Records

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In the summer of 2014, the fourth season premiere aired. Duck Dynasty shattered records by pulling in 11.7 million viewers. This was their most watched season premiere, and nothing has come close since.

At that time advertisement revenue for the show was reaching  $80,000,000. Fans were loving the family values expressed on the show, and a depiction of a simpler life. Of course, the Robertson’s fortune also helped. It’s more fun to run around in the woods when you know you have a mansion to go home to. 

At this point, the family members began to grow their personal brands. They each wrote books, started clothing lines, attended public speaking engagements, and promoted other companies.

You couldn’t go anywhere without seeing Duck Dynasty merchandise. The Robertsons were everywhere and it looked like their fame would never end.

Controversy Threatens The Brand

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In December of 2013, an article in GQ Magazine rocked the Robertson’s world forever. In his interview, Phil equated same-sex relations to Beastiality and made other controversial comments that non-fans found offensive. There was a public backlash. The A&E network responded by suspending the leader of the family from the show.

However, the Robertsons refused to tape the show without Phil.

Many fans spoke out in his defense, and A&E pulled the suspension only nine days later. It appeared that the family’s popularity couldn’t be touched by such a scandal. Ratings went back up.

There was no sign of peril. 

2013 and On

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After the Phil Robertson scandal, the family remained out of the public eye for some time. Their show continued to do well but slowly lost viewership.

This may not have been the show’s fault. Television viewing numbers have dropped over the last few years due to online subscription companies. 

However, the 8th Season Finale showcased John Luke Robertson’s wedding to Mary Kate McEacharn.  The episode brought in 3.26 million viewers. It was clear that this family and their show were still wildly popular and beloved.

Over Exposure

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Many reality shows lose wind quickly. Perhaps it was over exposure that inevitably did Duck Dynasty in. 11 seasons in just five years is A LOT for fans to keep up with. We weren’t given enough time to ever really miss watching this show. Many fans have complained that the brand has now been watered down due to so many side projects.

Regardless, this family will surely be fine.

Their show was merely a jumping off point when it came to their entrepreneurship. Each of them created their personal brands that will surely live on past the Duck Dynasty series finale.

Will you be watching the finale episode of Duck Dynasty? Why do you think Duck Dynasty is ending?


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