BREAKING: Mayim Bialik Makes Headlines With “Slut-Shaming” Controversial Post…


Mayim Bialik’s Modesty

Mayim Bialik posted a photo of several Hollywood A-list actresses following last weekend’s Oscar’s Ceremony. The actress had something to say about their dress choices…but did she approve?

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“Mayim Friendly Dresses”

Mayim captioned the above photo, “So many Mayim friendly dresses at the Oscars last night. If I ever get to go, I’ll make sure to not feel worried that my long sleeves will offend anyone :)” The actress seemed to be praising the likes of Jessica Biel, Dakota Johnson, and Ava DuVernay for their long sleeves and high necklines.

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Mayim Bialik is known to cover up on the red carpet and in her own personal life. She’s also criticized other celebrities, including Ariana Grande on a large billboard in LA. When others shot back that she was slut-shaming, Mayim replied, “It’s human nature to be attracted to skin. I’m just a happier person for putting boundaries around that.”

Do You Agree?

Do you agree with Mayim? Should there be more of a place for modesty in Hollywood? Amy Farrah Fowler certainly would. Mayim’s onscreen TBBT character wears large, baggy, dull clothing, and rarely has her hair and makeup done. She has said, “Producers wanted me to be androgynous. My character’s clothes are two sizes larger than I normally wear. I don’t need to wear Spanx to work or a proper bra. It’s nice to play a character who is not valued for being attractive.”

What Is Modesty-Shaming?

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Bialik also brought about the phrase “modesty-shaming,” when defending herself against slut-shaming accusations. She said, “Slut-shaming is not socially acceptable, but modesty-shaming is considered virtuous, even hip.”

Mayim has clarified that she wants women to dress however they would like. She chooses to not show a lot of skin but celebrates other actress’s choice to bare it all.

“Women should be allowed to wear short skirts – or really, anything else they want – without being judged as ‘wrong’ for doing so. Dress however you want. Really. I choose not to dress a certain way, but let’s not make a fight where there isn’t one. I’m not slut-shaming simply because I don’t like to show a lot of skin.”

Do you agree with Mayim Bialik’s Modesty choices?

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