Where Is Maggie In Season 7B?

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

After Glenn Rhee was brutally killed, Father Gabriel came up with the idea to tell Negan that Maggie had died due to complications, the flu, and stress. Since then, the audience has also only seen Maggie a few times on the show.

It looks like she’ll soon be taking over as the leader of Hilltop, but currently, Gregory is still in charge. Beyond her mourning, the tractor kill with Jesus, and one or two other conversations, she’s basically been a recluse.

She’s such a strong character that’s odd we’re not seeing more of her.

Focus On Carol, Rick, Michonne, Daryl…

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Season 7B has focused on Carol, Rick and Michonne, and life within the walls of the sanctuary. In the other scenes with the females of the show, we’ve recently seen Rosita and Sasha make a pack that will likely get them killed.

Perhaps we’ve seen less of Maggie because, despite her mourning, she’s being more careful and planning her attack. Maggie has Baby Rhee growing inside of her and that could be another reason she’s being more careful than the others.

Without this baby, she may feel more like Rosita and less like Michonne.

When Will Maggie Take Out Gregory?

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Regardless, fans definitely miss their Maggie. She’s still really early on in the pregnancy so there’s no real reason to avoid her on the show. She definitely needs her rest, but we’re missing her dynamic within Hilltop.

The group already told her that they would fight with her and that they will support her future decisions. Gregory is still in the head office, almost like an honorable position as Maggie gathers her plans to lead in the near future.

Hopefully, Dr. Carson will help her prepare physically so she can mentally get to work. Beyond that, we’re all dying to see what she does next.

Do you think Maggie is ready to lead Hilltop?

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