Starting this fall, hunters in Minnesota will be allowed to wear blaze pink while they hunt. Even though not everyone is happy about this, pink might be the new orange.

Two hunters sporting blaze pink (photo via Legendary Whitetails Blog) If you’re a hunter, you know that it’s typical to wear blaze orange while hunting. The reason is for safety — it’s so bright that it jumps out to the human eye and keeps hunters from shooting each other. And deer only see it as a shade of gray. (Maybe the two hunters inadvertently hunting each other should have been wearing a brighter shade of orange).

But under a new provision in Minnesota, hunters will be allowed to replace the blaze orange with blaze pink, reports Twin Cities.

But why pink?

Girls will hunt whether they can wear pink or not (photo via Huntworth)

The debate to allow pink started with allegations of sexism — some people argued that not allowing pink was anti-breast cancer survivors. 

The Wisconsin lawmaker who first proposed to the courts that hunters be allowed to wear pink said it would help get women and girls involved in the male-dominated sport. Apparently, this lawmaker never watched Duck Dynasty because he wouldn’t see that females can hold their own on the hunting range, and they didn’t need pink clothing to get them out.

Country girls ain’t afraid of no guns, that’s for sure. And one government representative knows this.

“I don’t think that anyone’s going to take on getting their firearms certification, learning how to hunt, or spending hours in the cold in the woods just because they get to wear a certain color,” he said.

But if you want to wear pink while hunting in Minnesota, you’ll be able to. Like blaze orange, blaze pink appears as a dull gray or green to a deer.

For a good laugh, watch Jase hunt with his father-in-law below.


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