Lance Barber has been cast in the new The Big Bang Theory spin-off, Young Sheldon, and will play the infamous father of Sheldon Cooper. Lance will face the challenge of playing a character who has been talked about for 10 seasons on one of the most watched shows on television.


Image result for lance barberphoto by Lance Barber is a Battle Creek, Michigan native. He got involved with theater in high school and has had a passion for acting ever since. He studied the art at Kellogg Community College and performed at many live musical theater venues. 

In 2000 Lance moved to Los Angeles and has had a steady stream of guest work ever since. You’ve probably seen him on your TV screen without realizing it. He’s appeared in Gilmore Girls, ER, The Comeback, and Blackish. He even appeared on The Big Bang Theory as Leonard’s high school bully.

However, it wasn’t until recently that Lance has really been recognized for his talent. That’s because he’s going to be featured as Sheldon Cooper’s father on Young Sheldon. The actor will star as Zoe Perry’s husband, parenting Sheldon. While we have heard mostly negative things about George Cooper from Big Bang Theory, it seems Young Sheldon will show multiple sides of his personality. In the Young Sheldon trailer, we see Sheldon pitying his father, as he admits he’s sad and angry about losing his job.

Lance Barber Speaks Out

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Lance spoke to The Battle Creek Enquirer about how he got the role for the upcoming TBBT spin-off. It turns out it was all about connections. Lance recalled, ” I’ve been involved with that producer before. I did an episode of “The Big Bang Theory” years ago, so they knew me from that. I’ve worked with the other creator, Steve Molaro. I worked with him on one of my first jobs in LA, on some WB show called “What I Like About You.” So I’ve known him for a long time.”

We’re excited to see this up and coming actor portray such an influential character in Young Sheldon‘s life.

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