This Member Of The Robertsons Was Said To Have “Sex Appeal”… can you guess?


“Sexy” is not the first word you would think of when you hear “Duck Dynasty.” But apparently, one of the cast members is a “rosebud.”

The Robertsons are generally a beautiful looking family, but which one of them says they have “sex appeal” and are like a “rosebud”? The answer may surprise you. From left: Korie, Rbecca, Bella, Sadie, and Willie Robertson (source: The Christian Post)

In an interview with Barbara Walters, the Robertson family talked about the success of Duck Dynasty. More specifically, Walters asked one of them if they had “sex appeal.”

“You are the breakout start of the series,” Walters said to Uncle Si. “Do you think it’s your sex appeal?”

Uncle Si’s response was so, well… Uncle Si.

“Well, I don’t see it as that,” he said, blue plastic cup of iced tea in hand. “But the only way I can describe to you is I’m like a rosebud. I’m in the process of blooming.”

And of course, his nephew Willie had something to say about that.

Uncle Si, the man who says he has “sex appeal” and is like a “rosebud” ready to bloom (photo via Wildfowl)

“Si, you ain’t no rosebud,” he said. “You’re like a prune.”

The whole family laughed and agreed. But Uncle Si’s response was a zinger.

“I’m like a rosebud,” he retorted. “Hey, all the women prove that! That’s why they want to marry me.”

He’s referencing the hundreds of women who have sent him letters or talked with him in person asking him to marry them. He explains this in his book, Si-Renity: How I Stay Calm and Keep the Faith.

“Over the past few years, several women have proposed to me during my speaking engagements and other public appearances,” he writes in his book. “My brother, Phil, can’t understand why women find me so attractive. He says, ‘I’d understand it if they wanted to marry Willie because he has all the money. I’d even understand it if they wanted to marry Jase because he’s Willie’s right-hand man. But no, they want to marry — that goat.’”

Watch the full interview below:


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