The ‘Friends’ And Big Bang Theory Cast Put In The Same Room, Fans Spot One MAJOR Similarity…


Friends and The Big Bang Theory

Friends arguably is the most iconic comedy in history. With ten stellar seasons, incredible cast, and ridiculously smart writing, it’s the hit that just keeps on giving. You can still watch Friends reruns almost every night on television. Similarly, The Big Bang Theory is in syndication on TBS and has run for now over 10 seasons with smart writing and stellar acting.

Friends and The Big Bang Theory have been compared frequently. They each follow the lives of a group of neighbors and friends living in a big city and navigating dating life and jobs. 

One debate that not many fans have thought of is which character is Penny most like. Kaley Cuoco has often expressed her adoration for Jennifer Aniston, but which Friends star is her character actually similar to? We think it’s definitely Rachel.

Rachel and Penny

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There are quite a few obvious similarities between Penny and Rachel. For one, they both date nerds. Yes, Leonard might be a bit more nerdy than Ross, but Ross is pretty darn geeky when you think about it.

He gets giddy when he talks about dinosaurs and even makes dinosaur jokes that his friends don’t appreciate. We bet if Ross had friends like Sheldon Howard and Raj he’d let his geek flag fly more often.

Self Made Women

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Rachel and Penny also build their careers throughout the course of their respective series. Rachel starts out waitressing at Central Park and climbs the ladder to a top job in Paris with Ralph Lauren. Penny waitresses at Cheesecake Factory and then goes on to pharmaceuticals.

They both go through hard times but are smart cookies in the end.

Two Best Girlfriends

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They’re also the girly, pretty type. While Monica and Pheobe are both gorgeous, Rachel is thought of as the most beautiful and girly of the bunch. Bernadette and Amy are also attractive and lovable characters, but there’s no denying that Penny is the blonde bombshell. 

Overall, Rachel and Penny are both go-getters who needed a little help from their friends along the way. TBBT fans and Friends fans alike will probably agree, Penny and Rachel, are the most similar characters on the two shows.

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