Where to Get More of The Walking Dead


It’s that time of year yet again. That sad series of weeks where The Walking Dead is on break for the season and Fear the Walking Dead is months away from starting its next season. There’s certainly no Game of Thrones either, so what are we supposed to do with ourselves?

Lucky for us there is plenty of extra Walking Dead content out there for us to consume. Though the night is dark and full of terrors there is a light in these zombie-less, winter months. I intend to show us the way.

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

The content I’ve found varies from medium to medium. Fortunately, The Walking Dead’s status as one of the most popular shows on television means there are many creative people willing to add to it’s legacy. From video games and novels all the way to the comics that make up the T.V. show’s source material, there is a whole lot out there. It can be difficult to find a place to jump in, but one cannot go wrong with starting where it all began…

The Walking Dead Comics.

There is one thing that every Walking Dead fan should familiarized themselves with, and that is the comic run. Written by the wildly talented Robert Kirkman, The Walking Dead comic run is characterized by the same fantastic character development and “no one is safe” mentality that made the show such a hit. It is unlikely that those who enjoy the show will not love this comic series.

The best part about finding more content here is the promise of more. Though the comic is a story arc or two ahead, there is no end in sight. Kirkman continues to put out a new issue of the series on a fairly regular basis. Better yet, those that were introduced to the story through the show will enjoy a brand new take on the world. From the beginning of the comic run there are distinct changes in the story. Get ready for a wonderful, fresh take on the journey of Rick’s group.

Telltale’s The Walking Dead

One of the biggest draws of The Walking Dead is the quality of the story. It’s characters are well developed. The well-constructed plot lines they travel through highlight their respective strengths and flaws. Few game developers can construct a better story than Telltale. They grab their audience with interesting characters and don’t let up until the very end. Telltale’s work with The Walking Dead is no different.

For those inexperienced with a gaming as a medium, Telltale’s series cannot be more accommodating. The gameplay is a laid back visual novel style, where players make decisions for the main character. These decisions influence the story, decide its direction and eventually the ending. The story itself is separate from both the comics and the show, following entirely new characters. In terms of content, you cant go wrong with this choice.

So there they are. Two wonderful options to get that walking dead fix we all need in the off season. If fans exhaust these options quickly don’t panic. There are a few more options out there. I cover those options in this article [I will insert hyperlink after i write the subsequent article, before publishing]


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