The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBSThe Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

After Sheldon Cooper reveals that everyone needs to save 80 dates for their potential wedding, it’s clear he’s becoming a Bridezilla. However, the wedding planning is clearly getting to poor Sheldon.

In the scene after the title sequence, Sheldon Cooper dreams of his future marriage life. The future husband wakes up in his dream and makes his way to the kitchen, only to find that they’re out of Apple Jacks on Apple Jack Day…

Surprisingly, Sheldon replies, “That’s fine. I’ll have anything… What-ev…” Things really take a turn when Sheldon reveals he likes smooth jazz…

Smooth Jazz Turns Jekyll And Hyde…

The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBSThe Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

Dream Amy tells Dream Sheldon that she likes this carefree side of him. Sheldon Cooper then tells her he lives smooth jazz and pulls out a trumpet. This is a new side of Sheldon that’s more like Jekyll and Hyde when compared to the real Sheldon.

Throughout the remainder of the episode, Carefree Sheldon wakes Amy up every night with his murmurs. In an effort to fight his daily Bridezilla self, the Dream Sheldon is the exact opposite.

Eventually, like Fight Club, the two sides must collide.

Carefree Sheldon Tries To Take Over…

The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBSThe Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

In the end, things got better for Sheldon and Amy, but it came at a cost. Sheldon tried to bring Carefree Sheldon / Dream Sheldon to life when he purchased some flip-flops. This, of course, meant he also had to put on sunscreen.

The sunscreen made his feet slippery and he lost one of his sandals in a drain. Carefree Sheldon reached inside and something licked his hand. Then, he fashioned a makeshift shoe out of his tee shirt.

Further along, he lost his second sandal and had to use his messenger bag. In the end, Sheldon Cooper was pretty beat up when he got home. In fact, he was hurt enough he decided to pass the Wedding Planning on to Amy.

We’re unsure if this new Balanced Sheldon Cooper will be able to really let Amy make plans, but he needs to give it a shot.

What did you think of Sheldon Cooper’s hilarious dream sequence?

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