Here’s What Was Actually On Penny And Raj’s Faces Last Episode…


What The Heck Is On Raj and Penny’s Faces?

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Raj and Penny are getting close on a whole new level. After Raj moved into Sheldon’s old room, he found himself spending a lot of quality time with Penny. It seems they just have a lot of common interests. Leonard might feel a bit left out, but these two are certainly having a grand old time trying out new activities. One of those featured a strange facial mask, that left many fans concerned. Here’s what was actually on Raj and Penny’s faces.

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Sheet masks are a new trend sweeping the nation. They originated in Korea, and are quickly becoming a fan favorite at slumber parties all over the world. Celebrities are constantly snapping photos of themselves in the freakish looking beauty product, and Instagram and Youtube influencers are constantly promoting new brands and types.

So what it is it? It’s exactly what it sounds like- a thin piece of cotton is saturated in serum, made of different ingredients for different purposes. The mask is placed on the face and left on for usually 15-20 minutes. The idea is that the sheet locks in the ingredients, and doesn’t allow them to evaporate away from the skin. They’re mostly used for hydrating, brightening, and tightening.

Penny and Raj Are Trendy

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It makes sense that both Penny and Raj would be using the trendy masks. Penny loves to look beautiful and pamper herself. Raj likes to be up to date on the latest fads and fashions. Plus the masks are hilarious to wear with a friend. Penny even told us exactly what type they were using:

Raj: I can actually feel the toxins being pulled out of my skin.

Penny: Well this is a moisturizing mask.

Raj: Oh well, then I can actually feel the moisture going into my skin.

Seems like a fun way to spend time with a gal pal. Will you follow Raj and Penny’s example and try a trendy sheet mask?

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