Leonard and Penny’s Marriage

Image result for leonard and penny's marriagephoto by hollywoodreporter.com This week’s Big Bang Theory episode, The Cognition Regeneration, once again showed Leonard and Penny having marital stress. It seems these two just can’t catch a break. Here’s what the couple needs to do to ensure they stay together.

Leonard and Penny’s marriage seems to be on the rocks. They recently needed a relationship agreement to spice things up, and had a huge fight about Raj moving into their apartment with them. In this week’s Big Bang Theory episode, The Cognition Regeneration, the couple once again fought. This time the fight was about Penny considering a job at her ex boyfriend Zack’s company.

Leonard and Penny’s marriage is riddled with humor. Yes, Penny is much more attractive and socially skilled than Leonard. Yes, Leonard is far smarter and more educated than Penny. However, the key to any great relationship is respect, and if these two can’t look past these differences and respect each other’s opinions, it will never work.

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Leonard really didn’t respect Penny’s feelings when he scoffed at the idea of Penny taking the job. He didn’t truly listen when she voiced how unhappy she was at her current job. If Leonard wants to make this work he’ll need to take Penny’s feelings into consideration.

On the other hand, Penny also invalidated Leonard’s feelings, but saying he was selfish and jealous. It’s totally reasonable to not want  your wife to work every day with her attractive ex boyfriend. Both partners need to respect each other’s feelings.

Mutual Respect and Listening

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In the end Penny and Leonard decided to try to talk it out. Of course, they also have a hefty amount of sarcasm and condescending tones in their discussion. They really need to listen to each other and find mutual respect and trust.

Leonard needs to not be insecure about Penny’s feelings for him, and Penny needs to honor her marriage by not putting herself in such a compromising position.

What do you think about the state of Leonard and Penny’s marriage? Did you watched this week’s Big Bang Theory episode, The Cognition Regeneration?

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