What Mayim Bialik Has To Say About Returning For Big Bang Theory Season 11…


Mayim Bialik recently posted a vlog video talking about what it was like to go on complete vocal rest, and if she’s looking forward to filming Big Bang Theory season 11. Here’s what the star had to say.

Mayim Bialik’s Voice Is Back

Mayim Bialik’s voice is back, and better than ever. The star opened up in a candid Youtube video about what it felt like to be completely silent for a month. She also talked about how she plans to prepare to film Big Bang Theory Season 11. 

Mayim had previously been on vocal rest due to permanent damage in her vocal chords. The actress explained that acting and singing over the years hadn’t been kind to her body, and her doctors had ordered she take a much needed break.

In her video Mayim said, “It is very good to have my voice back. We go back to Big Bang Theory next week, so it needs to be strong for that. I’m still conserving it…” Sounds like Mayim is taking things easy until her season picks up for the Fall. Big Bang Theory season 11 premieres September 25th on CBS.

Mayim says going back to set is a lot like returning to school after summer. She picks out her outfit for the first day, and gets excited for what’s to come. She also revealed she’s excited to use the Warner Brother’s Gym- an added perk the actors get to take advantage of while filming.

Seeing Other Celebrities

Mayim admitted she is excited to see her fellow cast mates. She explained, “A lot of our cast members were traveling and away this summer, so we get to see each other. It’s nice it’s like coming back together after a summer break.” Mayim might be referring to Kunal Nayyar, who spent his summer in Europe, or Kaley Cuoco who vacationed in Kentucky for a few horse shows. 

We’re so glad Mayim has her voice back, and can’t wait to see what the Big Bang Theory season 11 will be like.


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