What!? EP Nicotero Said He Doesn’t Know If “Badass Carol Exists Anymore…”


Greg Nicotero Reveals Truth About Carol

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

During an interview with TV Guide, Greg Nicotero revealed a few items about The Walking Dead, Season 7B, which includes “some new communities and group of people that we’ll come into contact with, some that are not in the comic book.”

Regardless of these new tells, Nicotero also revealed something that no one wanted to hear: “I don’t know if badass Carol exists that much anymore, I think she’s crossed that area and her relationships with Ezekiel and The Kingdom, she’s in a good place.”

In this scenario, we have to wonder, good for whom?

Finding Peace Within The Apocalypse

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Nicotero defends himself by adding that Carol has found peace and that’s what she needs. Unfortunately, he also went on to say that Carol has “retired” some of her more dangerous personas.

For Rick Grimes to defeat Negan, he’ll likely need Carol’s help in one way or another. If the executive producer’s presumptions are true, then Carol has moved from the abused wife to the killer cohort to something else entirely.

If Carol isn’t a savior, then perhaps she’ll play a new role this season.

Carol May Evolve Once More

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Within the Kingdom, the King and Morgan care more about peace than anything else. Carol isn’t technically living within the walls of the community, but she’s certainly walking the line between peace and battle.

In that regard, Carol may be someone that we’ve never seen before. Despite her threats to Benjamin, and eye rolls about the Kingdom, she is staying nearby and she does have a relationship with Morgan and the King.

Perhaps in the next episode or two, Daryl will find his way to Carol’s new home and talk some sense into her. Even if she doesn’t want to fight anymore, she should be there helping those young archers prepare for battle.

Do you think Nicotero’s correct in Carol’s new sense of peace?

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