Were Penny and Leonard Too Hard On Sheldon?


This week’s Big Bang

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This week’s Big Bang episode showed Sheldon dealing with change, a feat that can be very hard for him. Instead of being supportive and kind friends, Leonard and Penny totally fanned the flame. We don’t think it was fair of them, and we definitely think it’s their fault that Sheldon was inevitably upset.

Sheldon Asks Questions

Sheldon was innocently asking questions about Raj’s living situation when Penny and Leonard snapped at him. It’s unfair that they assumed he was asking about Cinnamon because he was unhappy with the decision of Raj moving into Penny and Leonard’s room.

Sheldon: Well what about his dog?

Penny: He’ll be in his crate. It’s not a big deal.

Amy: Sheldon’s getting a little better with dogs…he even took a picture with Pluto at Disneyland.

Sheldon: If real dogs gave me buttons I’d like them too.

Penny and Leonard Jumped To Conclusions

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Penny and Leonard wouldn’t even accept Sheldon’s declaration of support. That can be common in relationships and families that have been around each other a long time. Friends start assuming their friends will react a certain way, and then instead of giving them the benefit of doubt, they make a self-fulfilling prophecy and actually cause the situation.

Sheldon: I think it’s very nice that you’re helping out our friend.

Leonard: I think it’s nice that you’re taking whatever medication Amy is clearly giving you.

Penny: It’s like that science thing. For every action, you have a gigantic and annoying reaction.

Amy: Don’t listen to them– what’s weird is that Penny almost got a science fact right.

Sheldon: It’s unfair. People just assume I’m going to be upset by Raj moving into my old room.

Amy: But you are, aren’t you? 

Sheldon: Oh, I’m outraged.

Be A Supportive Friend

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Sure, Sheldon actually was upset. However, at least he was trying to be supportive of his friends. Penny and Leonard should realize that Sheldon is growing as a person and that accepting his new behaviors– not making fun of them– is the supportive and kind thing to do.

Do you agree? Were Penny and Leonard too hard on Sheldon?

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