3Rick Finds What He Needs

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

In the new promo for The Walking Dead’s “Something They Need,” it looks like we see almost every character making moves towards Rick’s impending war with Negan. Everyone except for Carol and the Kingdommers, that is.

Daryl seems to be leading the pack as he rides next to Michonne and Rick on his motorcycle, while they sit in the RV. Father Gabriel is even in the vehicle that is following them.

Next, we see Tara leading the gang to Oceanside.

Tara Lies To Oceanside

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

It’s unclear exactly what’s going to go down, but it does seem like Tara decided to finally tell Rick the truth about Oceanside. Based on the promo, it looks like Michonne is set up in a tree with a sniper rifle to watch over the meeting.

Based on Oceanside’s plan to stay in the shadows, it’s likely they will put up a fight, to say the least. In the clip, we see an explosion in the background. This may be something to simply give Rick’s crew the upper hand, or perhaps they’re just going to take the guns from Oceanside.

This doesn’t seem like it would be Tara’s idea, though. Then there’s Daryl…


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