We Can’t Believe Raj Is Going To Actually Live HERE… [SPOILER]


Raj’s Pick

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On this week’s episode of The Big Bang Theory, Raj goes from homelessness to bargaining real estate in a matter of minutes. When both Leonard and Howard offer rooms in their homes, Raj decides to make sure he gets the sweetest deal.

Howard Makes An Offer

Howard was the first to move on the Raj living situation. As Raj’s best friend he felt a bit of guilt for not offering his home. All he and Bernadette could really spare was the garage, but Raj was happy with anything at this point.

Raj: That would be amazing! I was literally just looking at my moving boxes trying to pick one to live in.

Howard: I know it’s ideal but you’d have plenty of space for your furniture. And there’s this cool button that makes an entire wall go up and down.

Leonard Sweetens the Deal

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Leonard phones Raj while he’s still on the line with Howard, and offers up Sheldon’s old bedroom. Raj quickly realizes he now has options and wanted to know the hard facts.

Raj: What’s it like sharing a bathroom with Penny? Is there hair everywhere? Does she use your loofah? 

Leonard: I don’t have a loofah.

Raj: Okay well if I move in you can’t use mine.


Raj ended up switching back and forth on the line asking about the accommodations at each place. It hilariously sounded like he was a middle man of a serious real estate decision, but then you remember he’s choosing between a garage and an extra bedroom. Howard made the choice really easy for Raj.

Howard: Unless Leonard’s apartment has a raccoon that chews its way in on cold nights… Go There!

Penny Puts An End To It

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Of course, Penny uses her awesome girl power to end this little charade right then and there.

Penny: Hey pal, you wanna live here or not?

Raj: Hi Penny, yes, please.

Did you watch this week’s Big Bang Theory? Do you know what happened next?

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