West Monroe Experiences One Major Change After Duck Dynasty Family…

By Eli Smith | Monday Monday Staff -    2017-09-11

West Monroe was just a small town in Louisiana until the Robertson family became famous. After Duck Dynasty hit network television this tiny town braced for a strong flow of tourism. Plus, to this day, they’re still reaping the benefits.

West Monroe Louisiana

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The Robertson family resides in West Monroe Louisiana, a tiny town that boasts “big city amenities.” The city got its first taste of fame when the Robertsons became mentioning it on their hit TV series, Duck Dynasty. In particular, the family’s home church saw a huge influx of visitors.

White’s Ferry Road Church Of Christ has been the home of the Robertson family for many years. When the family began praying on national TV they drew quite a bit of attention, and tourism. Fans were driving across the country just to be able to sit in church with the Duck men and their families. The church even had to employ police officers and security staff to meet the demand.

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The family’s business also draws in quite a bit of tourism. Fans can now visit the Duck Commander warehouses, where much of the show’s action takes place. The Duck Commander website even suggests local shops and restaurants to visit.

Speaking of restaurants, Willie’s Duck Diner is recently re-opened. The family hopes the restaurant will continue to bring Duck Dynasty fans to the area. Willie said of the project, “It’s designed for both tourists who want to identify with the show and Louisiana and for locals who just want a good spot to eat with friends.”

People Are Still Coming

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Alan Cooper, the president of the West Monroe Convention and Visitors Buereau is happy to report that the family is still drawing in tourism, despite being off air. Duck Dynasty may have ended back in the Spring, but their brand sure hasn’t. Cooper said, “It’s still flowing…We’re still seeing a ton of inquiries and social media that show us the Robertson brand attracts visitors. It’s been fantastic.”

Will you be visiting West Monroe with your family any time soon?

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