Watch These Women Wear Disney Princess Wigs for One Terrible Day


What little girl doesn’t dream of growing up to be a fairy tale princess?

Actually, a lot of fully grown women would probably be more than willing to trade in their boring, mundane lives for the chance to be a princess — even for only one day. So why was it such a disaster for these three women when they did just that?

BuzzFeed tasked three of their female staffers with wearing real Disney princess wigs for an entire work day. One of them became Ariel from The Little Mermaid, with a full mane of bright red hair. Another was transformed into Jasmine from Aladdin, with thick black locks segmented by blue ribbons. The last volunteer had the most arduous task: taking on the hair of Tangled‘s Rapunzel, with an enormous blonde truck of hair that went well past the floor.


Going through their daily office jobs quickly became a struggle. Rapunzel struggled to tote her giant mane throughout the building, carefully navigating around office chairs and desks. Even listening to music became a chore, as she had too much hair for her headphones to stay on! After only 10 minutes, she confessed that she was already “done.”


Jasmine’s day went a little better, but not by much. At first, she was flattered by the compliments thrown her way by co-workers and impressed that they recognized the character she was playing. But soon, the heavy hair began to take its toll. After the long locks got caught in a door, Jasmine took matters into her own hands. With a pair of heavy shears, she cut off the bottom 8-10 inches of her massive hair extensions.


Ariel fared far better than her fellow Disney Princesses for a Day.  But she still managed to find plenty to complain about. Co-workers were stunned by the bright red mane, with one confessing that he was only being nice when telling her he liked it. Without explanation, she decided to drive to her sister’s house and surprise her. Ariel’s sister took the reveal in stride, laughing and exclaiming, “Of course!”

The three Disney princess guinea pigs did unveil some surprisingly relevant questions for our favorite heroines, though.

Exactly how does Rapunzel go to the bathroom? For that matter, how does Rapunzel do anything?! With hair that long, it would ibe mpossible to walk more than a few feet without it snagging on something — even if you’ are living in a tiny tower.

Ariel complains in the video about the hair being too hot, but we doubt the real Ariel would have any problems with that. Too hot? Just jump in the ocean and go for a swim! Even after her transformation into a human, Ariel surely spent plenty of time swimming with her friends just outside Prince Eric’s castle.

It makes one wonder, too, how the princesses at Disneyland and Disney World manage to keep their composure. The temperatures in California and Florida can get quite hot in the summer, and those princesses not only have to look the part (complete with ballgowns), they have to act it, too!

What do you think? Would you still like to be a Disney princess for even one day?