Uncle Si Goes To Get His Eyes Checked, But Everyone Loses It At What Happens Next… [WATCH]


You won’t believe your eyes when you watch this clip of Uncle Si getting his eyes checked.

Uncle Si (source: YouTube)

In this video, Jessica (Jep’s wife) gives Uncle Si a ride to his eye doctor because, as it turns out, he shouldn’t be driving.

“Where you headed?” Martin asks Si. “The hubble scope factory?”

So Uncle Si skips the rest of his work day to get his eyes looked at. And let’s just say they had a little trouble finding Uncle Si’s old optometrist.

As the two of them are driving down the highway with Si directing the way, they’re looking left and right for the office.

“Hey, I think it’s this one up here on the right,” Uncle Si says.

This is right before Si starts second-guessing himself.

“No, that’s the wrong type of building,” he says. “It’s bound to be that one up there on the left.”

It turns out that it’s “been awhile” since Si last visited his eye doctor.

“I use my Si senses,” he claims. “I know this town like the back of my hand.”

But he proved himself wrong with what actually happened…

Uncle Si (source: YouTube)

Maybe his Si senses were a bit rusty. Or it might have been because he hasn’t gone to this doctor for about 10 years.

Uncle Si (source: YouTube)

“But look,” Si says, defending himself. “Nothing’s changed since the 90s. Hey, look here, turn on the radio — there’s the Flu Fighters.”

And Jessica wasn’t having it.

“Si is giving me the runaround,” she says. “He’s trying to get out of going to the doctor and cleaning. I don’t think so, buddy.”

So she makes a decision, despite Si’s determination to find his old doctor.

“You know what, Si,” she says. “Forget it. We’re going to my doctor. We can’t do this all day.”

Watch how Uncle Si’s eye appointment goes. And what Uncle Si does will make you laugh.

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