Watch: This Hilarious Compilation Of Redneck Fails

Sometimes rednecks are geniuses .. other times, not so much (photo via YouTube)

Sometimes rednecks have good ideas. Other times … not so much. 

In one of the best video compilations ever, we know can watch a succession of failures by rednecks from around the country.

A redneck trying to free himself from duct-taped hands … one of the many laughable situations in a new redneck fail video compilation (photo via YouTube)

There are lawnmower accidents (thanks to lawnmower stupidity), water boat mishaps, and one guy who seems to go limp while trying to mount a horse.

Another guy tries to show how to break out of duct-taped hands, just in case you’re ever kidnapped.

“I was watching this over on the YouTube the other night,” he begins in a thick Southern accent. “…It don’t matter how they tape you up, if you do this simple move, you can get out of it.”

He then tries it … keyword: try.

Sometimes rednecks are geniuses .. other times, not so much, like in the above photo where three guys tried to ride their makeshift speed boat with elevated seats. As you can guess, things don’t go so well. (photo via YouTube)

In almost every situation, people’s safety (and even their lives) is in danger. Alcohol is often involved, which is always (never) a good idea. This video (below) is sort of like the redneck version of America’s Funniest Home Videos — there’s lots of falling while friends laugh. And falling is always funny, as long as no one is seriously injured.

One guy even hops over a fence to box a kangaroo (yes, you read that correctly). In a matter of seconds, the kangaroo pummels him in the head multiple times. The man tries to protect his face and head, but his attempts are futile. 

“Get out of there!” yells someone behind the camera.

Watch the entire compilation below:

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