Southern grandparents are the best, ain’t they? Well, just wait until they get all liquored up!

photo via YouTube In a new video from Southern Living, a bunch of Southern grandparents stepped up to the challenge (even if they didn’t realize it yet) of drinking good ol’ moonshine for the first time.

Each reaction is worth re-watching. There’s a funny reaction for when they smell it, for when they drink it, and for when they keep drinking it! 

“This smells like rubbing alcohol,” one grandma said after smelling it.

“Well, in my younger days I did partake,” one grandma said as she stared into the jar of clear liquid.

Their reactions ranged from “awful,” “I think it’s pretty good!”, to a simple second or third sip.

“Don’t taste it again, Jane!” one woman told her friend. “It’ll kill ya!”

One woman said, “That is the strongest stuff I have ever put in my mouth,” while someone else said they could rub some on their aching knee for pain relief.

One grandma had never even heard of moonshine, while others said the smell brought back good memories from their younger days.

But really, the facial expressions are the best. They express so many words in just a few muscular movements.

Watch the hilarious video below:

As we know, alcohol can be dangerous if you let it take hold of you. Phil Robertson knows this — he admits he was a drunkard during his early marriage.

This led to owning a bar, getting in bar fights, committing adultery. Not a good place to be for a young man with a wife, sons, and a dream of a duck call business.

His wife, Miss Kay, and their boys stuck with him through those dark days. 

“That’s not your daddy,” she would tell her sons. “That’s the Devil in your daddy.”

Duck Dynasty weddingKay and Phil Robertson (source: The Gospel Herald)

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