Stuntman John Bernecker’s mother, Susan Sherlock Bernecier, has just retained a lawyer who will secure around $11.2 million in a wrongful death verdict filed by fellow crew member, Sarah Jones’ parents. Bernecker died after missing a safety cushion while shooting a scene with Amelio Austin for Season 8 of the AMC series. The stuntman was taken to the Atlanta Medical Center where he was then pronounced brain-dead. His organs were donated to those in need.

Stuntman’s Death Heads To Courts

John Bernecker | Photo Credit IMDB

“Dangerous” Movie Sets For Walking Dead

AJC reports:

“A movie set is like a big factory, except in a factory you have the same people doing the same jobs,” Harris Lowry Manton attorney Jeff Harris, who represented Sarah’s parents Richard and Elizabeth Jones, said at the time.”

“A movie set is like taking a big factory that has things going on that are dangerous and moving it around and then doing things that might be dangerous, like blowing stuff up.” Harris also has filed a personal injury lawsuit stemming from a 2015 incident on the Conyers set of “Sleepy Hollow.”

“Bernecker’s funeral was held in his native New Orleans.”

Stuntman’s Obituary Talks Success

John Bernecker | Photo Credit Magweb

The Obituary read:

“John’s extraordinary athletic ability and charismatic personality were a perfect match for his dream job as a stunt performer in movies and television,” the family’s obit reads. “His success was quick. As a stuntman and coordinator, he performed in over 90 feature films and television shows.”

“John was a member of the Screen Actors Guild and the American Federation of Television Actors,” the obit continued. “He owned Prodigy Stunts LLC, which developed into his stunt family.”

“John mentored and encouraged many up and coming stuntmen and women to follow their dreams. His loving nature, constant smile, and wonderful sense of humor made him a friend to everyone he met and worked with.”

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