Negan-actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan posted “Deep sorrow today and for every tomorrow,” on his Twitter account in remembrance of friend and stuntman, John Bernecker, who died on the set of The Walking Dead.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan | Photo Credit USA Today

“Love, respect, and condolences to John’s family, and friends. He will be forever missed,” wrote the actor. Alongside Morgan, showrunner Scott M. Gimple has also sent out comments, along with many of the other stars from the show.

Coroner Richard Hawk told local newspapers, “They were doing a stunt and something went wrong.” It was later confirmed that he fell and missed a mark, essentially falling over 25-feet to hit concrete.

Daryl, Maggie, Dwight-Star Honor Fallen Friend

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Norman Reedus wrote:

“Love and prayers to John’s family and friends today. You will be missed.”

Lauren Cohan wrote:

“No words can express my sadness for John Bernecker and his family. Thank you all for having them in your thoughts and prayers.”

Austin Amelio wrote:

“I have no words. My heart is absolutely broken for John Bernecker. Please send prayers to his family and friends.”

No Reports Point Fingers At Anyone For Death

John Bernecker | Photo Credit Magweb

Jennifer Brett From the AJC wrote:

“Hawk was not sure if family members elected to continue life support efforts for any reason, such as the possibility of organ donation. No official statement had been released by family members or AMC as of Friday evening. Regardless, Bernecker’s official time of death will be recorded as 6:30 p.m. Wednesday, Hawk said. He didn’t have details about the circumstances that led to the accident. TMZ reported that Bernecker was attempting a stunt that called for him to fall more than 20 feet but missed a safety cushion, and indicated that lots of questions surround the tragedy.”

“John Bernecker died when a planned fall on the set of ‘The Walking Dead’ went horribly wrong, but there are conflicting accounts as to who, if anyone, is to blame,” its report noted.

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