Danai Gurira Talks Season 8 Action

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Actress Danai Gurira (Michonne) claims that the new season will “knock everyone off their feet.” This is, of course, is drastically different from last season. Which, you might remember, crept for 16 episodes.

All of the actors and the creators have made it clear that Season 7 was necessary for the longer arc of the show. In fact, the creators have said that they believe the series will run twenty seasons in total.

“We don’t tend to tread the same ground twice,” said Michonne in regards to Season 7. Which will make all of the living characters stronger for Season 8 and beyond.

Kingdom, Hilltop, Alexandria Unite

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Season 7 ended with Rick Grimes declaring war on Negan and the Saviors. It looked like Carl was about to face Lucille. Just then, Shiva showed up to fight and took out a few of Negan’s minions.

When the Kingdommers and the Hilltoppers arrived at the last minute, they were able to hold off the Saviors and the deceitful Heapsters.  

It looked like the end for Rick when the other two groups showed up to help.

“You Can’t Be Prepared For It”

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Danai Gurira added, “You can’t be prepared for it. If you thought, ‘Well, I’ve seen this, I’ve seen that, so I can be prepared for what’s coming next’ – no, you can’t. You won’t be prepared.”

This is an especially inviting comment since some fans are starting to believe they know what’s next on The Walking Dead. Some fans believe there’s a pattern to the show. Something like: travel, find shelter and fight the new enemy.

In a way, this can be true. Especially since the Whisperers are right around the corner. But the characters are changing and growing with every episode. Despite how exciting the show is, fans stick around because of the characters.

The actress concluded, “It’s like nothing before. We’ve all been knocked clear off our feet, and there’s just so many ways everybody’s story is expanded and deepened and sharpened. And the clashes that we’re in, take turns no one’s going to expect.”

Do you think Rick and Michonne’s relationship will last through the war?

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