After years of hanging out on the sidelines, it looks like Rosita is finally taking charge of her own life and coming up with a plan to take on Negan.

For the past several years, Rosita Espinosa has essentially been a minor player on The Walking Dead. She started out as Abraham’s lover. In that capacity, she basically just followed Abraham and Eugene around, and occasionally served as babysitter to the latter.

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Last season, Abraham cruelly left Rosita for Sasha. Soon thereafter, Rosita hopped into bed with Spencer. That relationship seems to be continuing this season. In addition, though, Rosita is finally beginning to take charge of her own life.

In episode four, “Service,” we saw Rosita take a gun from a Savior-turned-walker and sneak it back into Alexandria. Then she retrieved a shell from a gun Negan had fired earlier in the day and ordered Eugene to make her a bullet.

A Woman on a Mission

So what’s next for Rosita? “Well, without giving anything away, I think that [“Service”] said a lot about where we’re going to see Rosita go,” says Christian Serratos, the actress who plays Rosita. “I think that she has a mission right now, and it might be vengeance.

I think it’s going to be really interesting for the fans to get their first glimpse of Rosita coming into her own and being on her own and being who she is more as an individual — seeing what she’s capable of and seeing where these deaths have led her. I’m also just excited, as a fan, to see Negan have more play time, because as terrible as he is, he’s so f—ing charming and awesome to watch.”

Girl Power

Serratos is happy to see Rosita coming into her own and also proud to play such a powerful female character. “That’s something that you want as a woman, and being very young, you want to have that badass role,” she says. “That’s something that I’ve wanted for a really long time. To have been able to play such an awesome character, to see how much she’s grown, to see how much more powerful she’s gotten onscreen, is awesome for loads of reasons … to be an example, and also just because it’s f—ing fun.”

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