Instagram Teases Jaw-Dropping Scene

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit Instagram

The cast and crew behind AMC’s The Walking Dead just shot their 100th episode and this has many cast members thinking back on the show and the past eight years. They’ve even brought the nostalgia to the Instagram page.

In the very first scene of the show, Rick Grimes has ran out of gas when he walks up to an abandoned gas station and sees a little girl shuffling with a teddy bear. The unforgettable girl, played by Addy Miller turns around to reveal she’s a walker.

The girl’s face is chewed off and Rick is forced to pull out his python pistol to take her out when she turns to him with a hungry look on her face.

The World Has Changed…

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit Instagram

“The moment when Rick realized how much the world has changed,” writes the caption, along with the hashtag TWD100. We’ll likely see lots more scenes like this on the various Walking Dead social media accounts and fan pages.

In this pilot episode, which was called Days Gone Bye, the show aired on Halloween back in 2010. Now, seven years later, Robert Kirkman’s 170th comic just hit the shelves and Episode 100 will premiere in October.

Back then, there were some differences behind the camera also.

Big Differences, Behind the Camera

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit Instagram

Comic Book writes:

“At the time of premiering, Frank Darabont was serving as showrunner on The Walking Dead, and VFX guru Greg Nicotero was just that and had never directed an episode. Now, Scott Gimple helms the series and Nicotero has directed 20 episodes, some of which are the most unforgettable of the series, in addition to becoming an executive producer with Gale Anne Hurd, Tom Luse, and Denise Huth.”

The series also led to the spinoff, Fear the Walking Dead.

What’s your favorite scene from the first season?

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