Fans Want To See More New Characters: 

With so many kills on AMC’s The Walking Dead and the comics, the creators are forced to keep coming up with new characters.

On the show, we’ve just lost Simon, Benjamin, Richard, Olivia, and Sasha, among others.

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit Image Comics On the series, not every character gets their fair amount of screen time, but in the comic and graphic novels, creator Robert Kirkman can really explore the terrain. This could mean more time for Magna in the comic.

In Issue 169, the letter hack section, fans said they wanted more Magna.

Fan Writes To Robert Kirkman

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit Image Comics

One fan wrote:

“Jesus was the last new character I really cared about,” Lucas Alberston of Albany, New York wrote in. “After that, not a single new character managed to connect with me. Meanwhile, the old characters continued to die or fade into obscurity, and month by month, I had less connections to the characters, less reason to care about reading this series. I don’t know what it is, Magna seems like she’s got some potential and… there’s uh…. that guy… Zachary? Is his name Zachary? Um… yeah.”

Robert Kirkman decided to actually address this in the comic.

Walking Dead Creator Responds To Fan

Robert Kirkman | Photo Credit Rolling Stone

“Sorry to hear about your dislike of recent issues,” Kirkman replied. “I wish I could boldly disagree with your assessment of new characters, but you’re playing directly into my insecurities as a writer there.”

“Sometimes I worry I’m not doing a good enough job digging deep enough with the new characters. Magna is a good example of this. There’s been so much going on she just hasn’t had the room to shine. I hope to remedy this in the coming issues. Wish me luck!”

Magna will likely emerge as a much larger character with a larger role in the comic book as several characters decide to leave the Safe-Zone.

What would you ask Robert Kirkman if you could ask anything?

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