For most of The Walking Dead‘s early seasons, the show’s setting took place in Georgia. Conveniently, the show filmed in Georgia, as well. Recent seasons have taken the storyline further up the coast near Washington, D.C. In real life, though, the show continues to film in rural Georgia.

In the episode titled, “Swear,” we got to see a new sight on The Walking Dead — the ocean. When Tara’s scavenging mission with Heath went awry, she fell over a bridge and washed up on a nearby beach. Tara then spent most of the episode in the beachside community of Oceanside.

Come On In, The Water’s Fine

Alanna Masterson as Tara Chamblers on AMCs The Walking DeadImage Credit: AMC

“The water was actually really nice,” says Alanna Masterson, who plays Tara. “I mean, that day was a little tricky because I had to sit in that water from sunrise until about 4 p.m., because of the tide and having to wade out there and lie down. There were a bunch of other shots that you didn’t end up seeing, but I was in the water for a really, really long time, and in wet clothes.


“Being in wet jeans is, like, literally the worst thing ever, and on top of that, you couldn’t get back to the top of the shore because it was so muddy and slippery. When you watch the episode, you see the little girl, Mimi, kind of slip. It was so slippery. The camera crew couldn’t even get out there.”

Road Trip

Not only was Tara separately far from Heath and the rest of the group, the episode’s production team was, as well. It turns out Masterson and the crew took a road trip to film the episode’s beach scenes.

“It was definitely crazy, but it was such a wonderful bonding experience for the crew and me because the show has never left Senoia, Georgia, really, and we got to go to the beach,” says Masterson. “We got to drive six hours and go to the beach and shoot all day.

It was amazing. All the crew had their shoes off. It was actually really fun. But yeah, the water wasn’t too bad. It was just being in sandy, wet clothes all day that kind of sucked.”

According to The Walking Dead Locations, the beach scenes in “Swear” were filmed at Jekyll Island on Driftwood Beach. That’s just off the east coast of Georgia near the city of Brunswick. The bridge scene was filmed closer to Atlanta on Flint River. Mystery solved.

What do you think about the beach scenes on The Walking Dead? Are you a fan of sandy walkers?

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