Uncle Si Tries To Make Willie Skinny


A sentence you probably never though you’d hear from Willie Robertson’s mouth: “Did you put this girdle on my desk?”

Uncle Si and Willie on the set of Going Si-ral arguing about Willie’s weight (photo from YouTube)

This is a question he posed to his Uncle Si on an episode of Going Si-ral. What in the heck was going on?

“Johnny Carson,” Si replies. “He wore one of them and he was on Late Night for — what — 40 years?”

“I ain’t putting this stupid thing on,” Willie says with a bewildered look on his face.

“What are you talking about?” Si asks. “You ain’t gonna wear it?”

“I don’t need to wear it!” Willie shouts. “My body’s fine.”

Uncle Si doesn’t think Willie Robertson is skinny enough for TV (source: Pinterest)

That’s not how Uncle Si saw it. This was his show and he wanted it to be a success, which in his mind meant Willie had to lose some weight.

“I’m trying to make you look good,” Uncle Si says.

As you might expect, Willie left the room storming. He was not happy about Si passive aggressively calling him fat.

This may remind you of that time Willie tried to cut a few pounds by using some, er, alternative methods. Jase let him know how ridiculous he was being. He tried to get Willie into shape using his own methods.

Jase tries to make Willie lose weight:

See, that’s how you help someone lose weight. You don’t subtle toss a girdle onto their desk and expect them to politely and calmly take the hint and begin wearing it. You got to be upfront and clear, especially with the Robertson men.

For more laughs, check out the rest of the interaction between Uncle Si and Willie in the full episode…

Going Si-ral: season one, episode eight:

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