BREAKING: Uncle Si Tells Possibly The Most Hilarious Story We’ve Ever Heard About Willie…


Willie Robertson is a famous TV celebrity. He’s the CEO of two huge companies. But all that doesn’t matter to his Uncle Si — Willie’s autograph is worth nothing to him.

Uncle Si doesn’t think Willie Robertson’s autograph is worth anything (source: Pinterest)

In an interview with GQ, Uncle Si revealed he accidentally got Willie’s autograph… and regretted it later. Who would want their nephew’s John Hancock?

Uncle Si has an Australian-style hat that he often wears to press events. At one of those events, Willie was signing fans’ autographs. Uncle Si, taking a break, took this Australian-style hat off and set it on a nearby couch. Willie, not realizing it was his uncle’s, signed the hat.

“What are you doing, idiot?” Uncle Si said to him.

“Look,” Willie responded, “I was in the zone, and you just happened to put your hat in my zone.”

And when people saw the hat, they thought it was the signature of another famous Willie…

Willie Robertson
Willie Robertson accidentally signed his uncle’s hat (source:

And the other famous Willie is much more famous than Willie Robertson.

Willie Nelson, whose autograph was mistaken for Willie Robertson’s (source: Texas Monthly)

“Hey, look,” Si said. “Everybody when they saw it, they said, ‘Did Willie Nelson sign your hat?’ I’d say, ‘No, that’d be Willie Knucklehead — Robertson, OK?'”

And Uncle Si is still not happy about this accident. Now that his nephew ruined his perfectly good hat with pen scribbles, he had to stop wearing it and get rid of it.

He’s selling it on eBay to raise money for charity. Now that Willie is a millionaire CEO of two hunting companies and one of the biggest reality TV celebrities, that hat may help them raise quite a bit of money for charity.

“Yeah, it’s probably worth more money now,” Si admitted. 


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