BREAKING: New A&E Clip Shows Uncle Si WAS Seriously Injured…


Have you ever called your boss an idiot? Uncle Si has, and it’s related to an on-the-job “injury” and experienced.

Uncle Si yelling at Willie for running into him (source: YouTube)

Here’s what happened…

Willie was in his truck talking on his cell phone, probably making big bucks for the company. He begins to back out of the Duck Commander parking lot right as Uncle Si pulls in driving a company truck.

“You idiot!” Uncle Si yells. “Willie, you gonna kill somebody talking on that stupid cell phone.”

Uncle Si tells Willie’s he’s going to pay for the damage (of which there doesn’t seem to be any). They go back and forth in classic Robertson fashion.

“Look,” Si finally says. “Family discount — give me $1,000, we’ll call it even.”

“What is this, extortion?” Willie responds.

The two part ways with Willie denying any damage and refusing to pay Si anything. But then what Si does next is so, well…Si-ish.

Outside of Duck Commander headquarters is a minivan driven by a man stating he’s “here to deliver Si.” All of the guys in the warehouse rush out to see what’s up.

The minivan door opens and an electric handicap ramp folds out…

source: Wildfowl

Uncle Si then rolls out of the van in a motorized wheelchair.

Uncle Si, Jase, and Willie arguing (source: YouTube)

“Hey,” Si says to everyone nonchalantly. He apparently has a back injury. But Willie’s not having it.

“About once a year, Si comes up with some stupid excuse to miss work,” Willie says to the camera.

What then ensues in the next few minutes of tape shows Willie and the guys saying “Si, you’re faking it” and Si responding “No, I’m not.” But of course, it’s all hilarious (or should I say Si-larious).

Let’s just say, one of them gets their way. Watch the full clip below.

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