This is a continuation of another article, UCLA Now has Big Bang Theory Approved Scholars Part 2.

When Reyes found out about her scholarship, she was not informed about the reception. Reyes tried on her own to attend a taping of the show as a way of saying thank you, but the studio filled up before she could get in. So instead, they gave her a ticket promising her priority seating at a future taping. She proudly showed everyone the ticket to prove she had given it her best shot.

“Well, you’re part of the family now,” Lorre said.

All five recalled their amazement, and skepticism, at finding out that the show’s members weren’t just funding their scholarship, but also wanted to meet them. Hassan feared the email was a scam. Reyes, feeling queasy, excitedly called her mom. La asked his friends if they thought the invitation was real.

La managed to snag signatures on a coffee mug from everyone, including Galecki, who plays Leonard. That’s the character La said he identifies with the most.

“I got into physics because of the show,” La said. “I had a teacher in middle school who was obsessed with ‘The Big Bang Theory,’ and he would show it to us during breaks.”
Lorre drifted over to them between scenes.

“I’m so excited to meet you all,” he whispered, and offered to move some equipment to improve their view. The students thanked him and played it cool until he walked away. Then, the fanboying and fangirling began.

Mayim and Johnny with phones.Mayim and Johnny with phones.

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During the reception, Galecki and Bialik asked for group selfies with the scholars. Rauch and Bialik then gathered the students in a circle, placed their hands at the center of the group and shouted, “Big Bang Bruins!” After reminiscing about registering for classes at UCLA by phone in the pre-internet days, Bialek led the students in a rousing eight-clap.

By the time the students boarded their shuttle back to campus, they were almost overcome with joy as they relived their favorite celebrity moments and made arrangements to share photos.

“Can we just talk again about what just happened?” Shi interrupted and marveled at the first few eventful weeks of his college career. “It still feels so cool and weird. I get to tell people, ‘I go to UCLA.’”

For the cast of the Big Bang crew to do this for these young adults is amazing! These kids have studied hard and made the outstanding grades to attend a prestigious university. But, as they always say “money talks” and it is usually always an issue when it comes to higher education.

But not only did the crew foot the bill, they also met the freshman. And they didn’t just go to their campus to visit, but they brought them to the set! That is truly such a kind gesture towards these fans that will certainly be making a difference in the future. We’ll have to look out for them in a few years.

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