Directly after winning a race, two racers were held up at gunpoint recently.

Scott Dixon, pro racer, was recently held up at gunpoint, staring death in the face (photo via Right after winning the Indianapolis 500, IndyCar driver Scott Dixon and former NASCAR driver and Indy 500 winner Dario Franchitti met the barrel of a gun.

Less than a mile from the racetrack, these two men experienced this terrifying incident. They were headed out with Dixon’s wife for food around 10 p.m. They stopped by a Taco Bell drive-thru.

They didn’t realize just how deadly Taco Bell could be.

Fellow IndyCar driver Tony Kanaan (who wasn’t with them), said this would be a super scary thing to happen.

“After such a wonderful day at the track, to get robbed at gunpoint, get a gun pointed to your head buying a $20 meal…it’s kinda scary,” Kanaan said. “You never think that would happen to us here.” 

Local police say they arrested two teenagers shortly after robbing Dixon, Franchitti, and Dixon’s wife. They boys, ages 14 and 15, got credit cards and personal possessions. They were both charged with robbery, and the 15-year-old got slapped with an extra charge after resisting arrest.

The racers have yet to speak public about the incident.

This is reminiscent of that time Phil Robertson and his boys were robbed — or should I say someone tried to rob them.

A man tried to break into the motel room where Phil and his boys were staying during a hunting trip to Idaho. At 3 a.m., the door knob began to turn. Phil, wearing only tighty-whiteys, grabbed his gun and approached the door.

“Wrong room!” Phi yelled.

The yellow-bellied coward was startled. He backed away from the door and Phil let him go. 

These stories just show you — don’t tried to rob Southerners. You will pay.

Phil Robertson usually only hunts animals, but one time he almost shot a human (source:

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