Where Are Heath And Gregory On The Walking Dead?

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC When Heath disappeared, Tara couldn’t find much evidence to follow the missing man. She found a blank name-tag with the symbols, “PPP” written on them in marker but it’s unclear what this meant for Heath.

In reality, of course, the actor was simply working on another show. What’s strange is that no one ever brought up the conversation to look for Heath and Tara never really worried about his absence on screen. Sure, they were busy, but where is he?

Next, there’s Gregory.

Gregory May Take Simon’s Invitation

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

At the end of Season 7 on The Walking Dead, Gregory has asked for help with a map and then disappeared. In his absence, Maggie quickly took over and luckily made the decision to help out Rick against the Saviors.

As for Gregory, there’s a chance that he went off to find refuge at the Sanctuary. When he half-attempted to save Dr. Carson from the Saviors taking him, Simon merely offered him an olive branch and open invitation to the Sanctuary.

It’s possible we’ll see Gregory take that opportunity in Season 8.

Two Characters Return In Season 8

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

In October, when the show returns, based on the fact that Corey Hawkins other show has been canceled, he’ll likely make a comeback to The Walking Dead. In addition, Gregory will likely surface within the Sanctuary.

One possible solution for Heath’s absence could be that “PPP” is some sort of holding cell or off-site location where the Saviors are keeping him. Gregory may simply be enjoying a life similar to Eugene at this point.

As such, Eugene offers the group his mind and skills, such as bullet making or bomb knowledge. As for Gregory, his only real skill may be to provide information about Hilltop or Alexandria, which he would quickly give up for a safe haven.

Do you think we’ll see these two characters when the show returns?

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